What is an Essential Oil?
Our oils are ‘essential’, in that they contain the essence of the plant’s fragrance. Essential oils are generally extracted from plants by distillation, often using steam. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products for flavouring food and drink, or adding scents to household products.

What happens if I have an allergic reaction to the oils?
When used correctly, oils should never need to come into contact with your skin. If a drop of oil does come into contact with your skin, please wash it off with warm water immediately. If a rash appears, or it becomes irritated or inflamed, seek medical help.

Will you be stocking any more oil blends in the future?
Right now, our primary focus is stocking unique diffusers that can’t otherwise be found on the high street. We stock a limited number of oils and oil blends, but if you shop around, you will find plenty more oils and fragrances in any good health store.

If I’m buying an essential oil or fragrance from a store, what should I look out for?
We highly recommend using organically certified oils and premium quality fragrances, as these will ensure your diffuser lasts for years to come. There are thousands of different scents to try, so find a few that you think you will enjoy and try them all. For a run-down of the different effects different scents can have on your body and home, read our helpful ‘Scent Guide’ here.

Are ZenAxiom Oils organic? I can’t find an Australia Certified Organic label on your products?
Whilst we only stock organic oils, we are a small company in its infancy, and as of yet cannot justify the hefty price-tag associated with becoming official ACO members. Becoming certified would unfortunately require us to raise the prices of our products, which we do not want to do at this stage.

Orders and Delivery

Do you offer free delivery for your products?
Currently, we do not offer free delivery for our products. Delivery costs are reflective of the cost we pay, and are based on the total weight of your order. Periodically, we do offer free delivery promotions, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter here!  

Why do you post your deliveries using e-Packet?
We strive to keep our costs as low as possible, so you can enjoy fantastic products at affordable prices. At present, this is the most economic method for shipping our products.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Stocked items are delivered within 24hrs. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you an email with your parcel details on so you can track the whereabouts of your package. As a rough guide, Sydney metro should take 2-3 working days.

Why do your boxes not have the ZenAxiom logo on them?
As a young company in its infancy, we are still looking into which products we want to keep in our repertoire. This is based entirely upon customer feedback. Whilst we are still trying out a variety of products, we want to keep our prices low for our customers. As such, it is not economic at this time for us to spend time designing new packaging for all of our diffusers.  

Why is it so expensive to send items to WA and NT?
Unfortunately, our primary couriers will not deliver to more remote areas, and we need to source separate couriers for these deliveries. This is an issue we are working on solving in the near future.


Will my diffuser come with an essential oil or fragrance?
Generally, our diffusers will not arrive with an essential oil or fragrance. You can find a ‘What’s in the Box?’ description on each individual diffuser’s product page.

Do ZenAxiom Diffusers come packaged with a warranty?
Yes! All of our diffusers come packaged with a complementary one-year warranty as standard. If you experience any faults or problems with your diffuser, let us know here.

Will I ever need to replace the LED light on my diffuser?
LED lights are the most efficient lights currently available on the market, and can last for up to 15,000 hours.

How safe are ZenAxiom diffusers?
With no heating elements (and no naked flames), electronic diffusers are by far one of the safest ways to freshen up your home or office. Our diffusers come with a built-in safety feature which triggers an automatic shut-off feature when water levels run too low.  

What are diffusers?
You can find out more about our diffusers by visiting our ‘What are the Benefits of Using Electronic Diffusers?’ blog page here.