There are thousands of different oils out there, each with its own scent and benefits. We've tried to sum up each of our essential oils, so you can make the right decision, even when buying online. 


Bergamot Clean, Refreshing and Citrusy

Bergamot is the perfect scent if you’re feeling a little down. Its uplifting scent has been known to balance the nervous system, decreasing the effects of anxiety and depression.


Cedarwood Strong, Woody and Sweet

Cedarwood is well-known to provide your home or office with an energy boost, increasing your inner strength and promoting a warm, friendly atmosphere. Used in the bedroom, it can also enhance romantic feelings and sensuality. Oooh la la!  


Eucalyptus A Fresh, Clean Pine Scent with a Touch of Honey

Eucalyptus is a fresh scent, and when used in the home or office, it can promote a sense of well-being. The outdoor scent is energising and purifying, and is perfect for a relaxing yet refreshing start to any day.  


Frankincense Sweet and Woody, with Undertones of Pine and Lemon

Similar to Cedarwood, but with citrusy undertones. Frankincense really brings the smell of the outdoors inside. It’s an uplifting scent that can help to remove negative influences in the body, aura, psychic and environment.


Lavender Sweet and Woody with Floral Tones

Lavender is traditionally used to relieve headaches, insomnia, tension and stress. It’s a great scent to have in a room before social gatherings to promote a positive atmosphere.


Patchouli Earthy and Slightly Sweet

Patchouli is a subtle scent, that doubles as a very effective insect repellent. Use it in a diffuser by an open window to keep your home or office bug-free.


Peppermint Minty and Fresh

The aroma of Peppermint oil has been shown to improve memory and raise alertness. It has also been known to reduce the effects of vomiting, to help digestion and to clear congestion – a good go-to if you’re not quite feeling yourself.


TeaTree Woody with Undertones of Pine and Mint

Tea Tree is the perfect aid for any respiratory problems, including coughs and colds. If you can feel a cold coming along, Tea Tree could be the perfect cure.


Ylang Ylang Very Sweet and Floral

A pleasing and delicate fragrance, Ylang Ylang can bring joy to a room, encouraging a positive and upbeat atmosphere. Perfect if you’ve got a few friends round, or if you’re spending the weekend wrapped up at home with a good book.