As with anything else that is designed to hold water for longer periods of time, your diffuser will need a little bit of a spring-clean once in a while, just to make sure it's working in its best conditions. 

You might find that when you got to refill your diffuser with your oil mixture, there is a slight oil residue around the sides of the diffuser's liquid container. This is normal, and is simply down to the consistency of your mixture, and the consistency of the oil used. This will vary from oil to oil, and is really nothing to worry about. 

To clean this residue out, we recommend using a very mild green detergent - the kind you already have in the house. Some oils are more stubborn than others to remove, but this process really won't take you more than a minute or so.  

It's a good idea to clean the diffuser out in the same way when you decide to use a new fragrance too - this just stops the two mixing together and keeps your diffuser smelling as it should do. 

If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. Happy diffusing!