If our eyes are windows to our soul, our face  illustrates what goes in our life. Our face  reflects the pleasure and exhilaration as well as dissatisfactions and discomforts ( Worwood, 2016).


One of the extraordinary aspects of working with essential oils is that when a client’s consult with me for any physical or emotional condition – from back pain to insomnia- they’ll look much younger after 6-8 weeks sessions. This reminds us the benefit of essential oils and how it can support the rejuvenation of our skin and especially that of the face.


Facial steaming has been an integral part of beauty treatment for many years especially in highly polluted environment. I would like to share with you  a facial steaming treatment designed to use home using our aroma diffuser products.


Caution: This treatment should of course be avoided by those with broken capillaries and very highly sensitive skin.


Essential Oils suggestions for:


Normal Skin

Fennel Sweet ( Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce), Lavender( lavendula angustifolia), Lemon ( Citrus Limon), Cedarwood Atlas( cedrus atlantica) other possible oils orange sweet, Neroli and jasmine.


How to use

Time : Flexible time  from 5- 15 minutes or even more.


Water capacity: 100 ml of purified/spring  water  [ no tap water]


Essential oils (example):  Lavender = 5-6 drops . Cedarwood Atlas = 3-4 drops



For Dry Skin

Chamomile roman ( Anthemis nobilis), Clary Sage ( salvia scarea), lavender ( lavendula angustifolia), Rose Otto ( Rosa Damascena),  Sandalwood ( Santalum album),


How to use

Add  Rose Otto = 5-6 drops    and  Geranium = 3-5 drops

 To 100 ml purified/spring water ( no tap water)


For Oily Skin

Bergamot ( Citrus begamia), Eucalyptus radiata, Ylang Ylang ( Cananga odorate), Frankincense (boswellia carterii or the 1st ingredient Serrata ), Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis)


Example of Use

Add  Bergamot = 5-6 drops        YlangYlang = 3-5 drops

To  100 ml purified/spring water  ( no tap water)



Follow the steam treatment with a deep cleansing and then use facial spray*


Continue this for 4-6 weeks or make this a continuous habit to use at least twice a week.



I usually fan the steam towards  face using my hand or a small fan.


Have the steam come from your neck up; keeping face up.


Relax,  breath in deeply and exhale out slowly.


Possible to follow the steam treatment with a deep cleansing and then use facial spray*


Pls remember that just having your diffusers besides your desk has beneficial outcome too

We need to constantly remind ourselves to take time to honour our sacred body by allowing it to rejuvenate and glow. 

Remember that are special and you are unconditionally loved even if you don't know it.

 Happy diffusing 


Nayjiaah Haimmeds


Worwood V.A, ( 2016).  The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. 25th Ed. The New World Library, Novato, California