Essentials oils are hugely versatile and provide a dispensary of therapies that have been used for millennia. Each oil has its medicinal and other properties. They can be antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, sedative,  nervine,  restorative, circulatory and so on.


Essential possess high vibrational electromagnetic frequency. Each oil element has its own electrical characteristics and rotate clockwise while others rotate anticlockwise. Being aware of this will help with the selection of the right oil to use on each chakra.


Plant cells are similar to ours so when we use their therapeutic properties, we additionally allow connecting with our family as we are one unity evolved together.


We are ONE but we also have our own individually like essential oils. What works for one does not work for another; this has a further explanation to do with the unique genetic characteristics of each individual. Don’t get discouraged if a certain oil is not that effective for you and choose another one that has a similar property.


Getting to know and understand oils can cause confusion especially metabolic regulators – adaptogens- like Lemon and peppermint that can act both as a relaxant or stimulant working accordingly.


Unfortunately, the global market is exploited by the big corporation. Very often synthetics and lower quality oils are incorporated in order to achieve profits. Additionally, essential oils can be labeled as another but the country of origin, quality and their method of extraction can affect the standard.

Unless you are a very well versed aromatherapy/home practitioners,  the oral ingestion of essential oils including nasal spray must be avoided.

 Each essential oil has its own story to tell.  Rose Otto is more expensive as it takes 2000 rose buds to convert 500 ml of oils while lavender is cheaper as around 70 flower heads to make 500 ml of oils.  

 Open up and enjoy your journey to Oneness.

 Love and Light