Physical issues we encounter at work place can greatly affect our wellbeing.

21st office suffers greatly from so many issues that affect employees’ health and wellbeing.

Besides the lack of natural light and fresh air, it is full of dirty electricity coming from the air-conditioning , electromagnetic radiation emerging form computers, printers and electronic devices. Essential oils are invaluable not just for the home but office too. They can be beneficial in minimising so many health issue we attract while at work. Why don’t you bring back the lost nature into your workplace by investing in your health and/or that of your employees.

Below are some oils that may remedy certain issues in a workplace setting.

We avoided oils that can relax and make your wanting to sleep.


Dry throat

grapefruit, lemon, lime or  geranium

Dry itchy eyes

Chamomile roman


Peppermint, spearmint, basil


Eucalyptus lemon, grapefruit,  rosemary

Stuffy noise

Tea tree, eucalyptus lemon, rosemary

Environment stress

Cedarwood atlas, frankincense, lemongrass,

Emotional stress

Bergamot, cardamom, Vetiver, sandalwood

Mental stress

Bergamot, grapefruit, Patchouli

High Tech offices ( such as IT)

Lemon, Lime, grapefruit, orange sweet, bergamot

To clear bacteria

To clean up the air

Lemon, lime, eucalyptus, tea tree, bergamot, Thyme linalol.

Lemon, lime, grapefruit, eucalyptus, lemongrass,  petitgrain, cedarwood Atlas


Place your diffuser besides your computer and in meeting/consultation rooms. You don’t want it to keep going the entire day but once you get in to work and around lunch time.

Always make sure  that you buy the highest grade essential oils especially the organic ones.   

 Avoid synthetic oils as they can have a bad consequence on your health.

 Happy Diffusing :)


Love and Light