Essential oils have a great benefit on our body, mind and spirit when used in the practice of aromatherapy. You can customise essential oils to support a well-balanced functioning of your chakras. Some oils can help activate and regulates low chakra while others can quieten over-active ones.  A mixture of both activating and calming oils is extremely beneficial to the chakras. 


There are many essential oils you can use but I selected the one you can get easily get hold of.


Crown Chakra Purple Located at the top of the head, crown chakra is known to be our connection to the Universe. It drives to consciousness and spirituality. Frankincense, considered a Holy oil, is utilized for meditation, contemplation, for achieving tranquillity, peace of mind, and attaining spiritual freedom.
Third eye Indigo Located on the forehead, just between the eyebrows, it is the center of intuition and foresight. Lavender aids calmness and peace to arise while meditating or sleeping, allowing to connect with the Divine and with Spirit.
 Throat Blue The voice of authenticity and creative expression. It’s also the passage of energy between the head and the lower parts of the body. Eucalyptus essential oil is used due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil can be utilized for inflammation caused by sore throat, and also helps reduce inflammation around vocal cords, allowing the throat area to open and achieve clearer and better communication.
Heart Yellow It is physically associated with digestive functions. It also has control over thoughts and emotional responses, sets healthy boundaries, and creates peace with yourself. Bergamot harmonizes stagnant liver energy by releasing feelings of anger and depression. This oil is also known for its beneficial effects on the digestive system.
Sacral Orange Influences your sensuality. It impacts all bodily fluids, taste, blood circulation, reproductive functions, large intestine, kidneys and lower back. Sandalwood promotes positive self esteem and contentment with the self, stimulates sensual and spiritual love and sexuality and regulates hormones and the reproductive system. On its physical aid, sandalwood essential oil helps ease menstrual problems.
Root Red Deals with personal boundaries and issues regarding safety, such as the fight or flight response. Basically, it is the solid foundation for opening the other chakras Patchouli has a strong, earthy, woody scent and is linked to strengthening the root chakra. Patchouli’s heavy, musty aroma helps to ground a person back into their physical body by clarifying one’s thoughts and aiding one to see things more objectively.