Thank you for tuning to this blog. It is a pleasure to share this ritual with you.2018

is a very important year. This is the year of rebirth and transformation. We all need to be steadfast taking action now. This is the time to close the doors on what no longer serves us and open new doors that serves our life purpose.

This ritual will help– with the power of your mighty IAM presence- to shed the dead weight of the years that have gone by cleansing and releasing all the low energy that is no longer need to be carried. Reclaim your right. Step into your power


  1. Use your intuition to select the right essential oil for this ritual. If you are not sure what oil to use. Put your right hand on your heart. Take 3 deep breaths and ask; ‘Please guide me to the perfect oil that will purify my energy and uplifts my spirit healing my four body system’.
  2. State your intention while getting your diffuser ready. You can say quietly in your mind something like ‘I’m ready. I cleanse myself with light and loving energy’
  3. Sit in a quiet space where you are not to be disturbed. Drop down into your heart ( or have your right hand on your hear) and repeat 3 to 9 times the following affirmation:

I seal this year with self-love, the wisdom and the power that comes from within.  I am strong.  I let go of past pains and sufferings. I forgive myself. I forgive and bless with love all who those who did me wrong. I am Free. I am fearless. I am Love. I deserve to be loved and cared for.  I deserve to be happy. I deserve be abundant and wealthy. I deserve to be at peace with myself and others.

  1. Close the affirmation with ‘And so it is!' Clapping your hands three times to seal the intention of your affirmation

Love and Light