2019  will  crystallise what you started in 2009 that is aligned with your life purpose.

This affirmation will help you carry out your task this year in alignment with your soul purpose.


Pick-up one of your favourite essential oil to diffuse around your space. Have some calm music of nature, birds, singing bowl or didgeridoo playing at low volume in the background. Light 3 candles within your vision [ ignore this if you are doing during day time]


1. Sit in a quiet space where your are not to be disturbed

2. Take 3 deep breaths  

2. State your intention and call upon your higher self, guides or guardian angels to hold the field 

3. Close your eyes, drop your focus to your still point [ point between your rib cage above your solar plexus]

4. Place your right hand on your heart and repeat the following 3 times:

In the name of my mighty IAM presence, God essence of my being. I AM that IAM. I command that every function of my entire body to be directed to my highest good. All the known and unknown structures within me are now governed by the law of ONE. In the cosmic law  IAM GOD, IAM SOVEREIGN, IAM FREE.     

And So It Is.

5. Sit quietly for whatever time you have allowing thoughts to pass by as a cloud and the sky without you being attached to them.

6. Breath and when complete, go about your day if day time or go straight to sleep if it's night time.

Love and Light xoxo