Don’t neglect yourself till the winter cold hits then you start looking for remedies to beat winter bug nasties. 

Have your eucalyptus, peppermint (cornmint), tea tree and thyme essential oils ready. These refreshing therapeutic oils have antiviral properties that will help kill all the winter nasties. Chose 3 oils from our top ten collection, add two drops of each to your aroma diffuser and let it diffuse to cleanse the air.

Note: An effective method of use with a sick child. Add a total of 10 drops of chosen essential oil or oils to water, run overnight. Clean after use.

Winter warm-up tip

If you suffer from poor circulation and have cold feet and cold hands at this time of year, then warming essential oils such as black pepper, cardamon, clove bud, ginger, juniper berry, marjoram and rosemary are just the thing for you. Choose 3 oils from this list and add 2 drops of each to your aroma diffuser.

Home made teas

Relax with warm ginger ( grate fresh ones) or clove  in boiled water and drink it as tea.  Enjoy 😊