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The finest innovative Australian lifestyle brand adding luxury and sophistication to everyday living

ZenAxiom presents a brand new product bound to transform your lifestyle. The Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a sensory treat that injects serenity into the atmosphere of your home, office or any other space, encouraging a relaxing environment that taps into your mind-body wellness. Used in conjunction with our selection of aromatherapy oils, our diffusers produce ultrasonic waves that work to release an ambient mist and fragrance your space with beautiful, luxurious aromas.

Discover the delights of aromatherapy diffusers with our three unique designs

Here at ZenAxiom, we make it our mission to cater to all tastes. That’s why we have incorporated three architecturally-striking designs into our brand, each distinctive in its own look and array of features. The Artisan LED Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser encompasses a beautiful, contemporary design with an elegant curving shape while emitting six soft colours thanks to its LED feature. For a minimalist cool look, why not opt for our Rainbow design? This LED Aromatherapy Diffuser comes in a light or dark wood base option and has seven light colour rotation options - hence the name! If you are more inclined towards petite classy design, our USB Zul product is for you. Carefully crafted to provide a unique, contemporary and visually stimulating environment, you have the choice of purchasing this product in light or dark wood with a body colour of black, gold, silver or grey.

Our diffusers make the perfect gift

Wondering what to buy that special someone in your life who already has everything? Why not purchase an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser? With the ability to customise your product, the ZenAxiom diffuser makes a unique present. Based in Sydney, we proudly deliver our exquisite products to individuals and stockists throughout Australia and the world.

Transform your space with ZenAxiom today

Contact us via our helpful online form to find out how you can purchase an Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. Our products are carefully sourced and imported to Australia, ensuring the finest quality finishes from a brand you can trust.